Saturday, July 3, 2021

Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad

A while back I ordered a Death Korps command squad and painted them up for fun. Along with most people who know about them, I've always wanted to collect a few of these. Of course, the cost makes a whole army unattractive. I've added an infantry squad to the collection. Grenadiers are up next. We'll see where this goes, but I don't plan on collect a whole army at this point. I'm sure many currently proud owners of Krieg armys have said something similar in the past. 

I made a few changes to this batch from the previous set.

  • The biggest change was the coats. They are a good deal lighter in color. I did preshading with an airbrush/drybrush and added the color on top as a glaze. Nuln Oil was used for selective shading of as a final step. This give a better blend with MUCH less work. 
  • Leather bits where done in more of a brown tone. The first batch had a red/brown tone.
  • Tried to do a proper OSL on the plasma gun.

Good detail of the base and helmet from this angle

This wire picket was made out of floral wire

Decals on the shoulder pouldrons are from a Flames of War kit.

Plasma glow came out looking better than I had hopped for, but still not perfect

Squad Leader with a grenade at the ready

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